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Halal Bakery Singapore

Looking for a halal bakery in Singapore to satisfy your confectionery cravings? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Bread Garden is a halal certified bakery and offers a wide variety of halal cakes and pastries in our retail shops, as well as a selection of our signature products online, for the enjoyment of our Muslim customers throughout Singapore.

Starting from passion

Our passion for baking originated in the 1980s, when we would bake cakes, cookies and mooncakes for family and friends. 

We were strongly encouraged by their liking of what we produced and this further fuelled our passion, culminating in a decision to develop it into a business so that we can share our love of bakery with the whole of Singapore.  

Throughout the decades, we hold steadfast to the guiding principle that all our cakes and pastries must be produced using the freshest ingredients and with a big dose of affection. 

It is our wish that all our customers who bought our products can feel fullness in their bellies and joy in their hearts. 

Becoming a halal bakery 

Over the years, we came to realise that a significant group of Singaporeans is missing out on what we have to offer, and that is the Muslim community. 

So, to further our commitment to let our confectionery and pastry products be enjoyed by everyone in Singapore, we applied to be halal certified. 

As expected, the certification process is tough and stringent, requiring that we adhere to MUIS’ precise requirements throughout each stage of the entire bakery process. There is no room for error and nothing can be left to chance. 

Nevertheless, with great support from our suppliers and business partners and the never-give-up attitude of our wonderful staff, we were finally certified as a halal bakery and ready to share our bakery goodies with even more people over all Singapore. 

Halal pastries delivered to your home

For your convenience, simply order your favourite halal pastries from our website and sit back and relax, as we prepare the latest and freshest batches to deliver right to your doorstep!

Whenever you have a need for halal bakery delivery in Singapore, we’ve got you covered. Go ahead and order now!